Dont you just wonder why some grownups are so terrified of kids praying in schools, of town councils invoking Gods blessing and guidance on their work, or of the absolute horror of having an Enfield, Connecticut high school graduation take place in a building in which Christian worship occurs? Its not only sad, but rather strange, that such energy is expended to eradicate the tiniest smidgen of Christianity from the public square.

Should we be subjected to those whose self-appointed mission is to bully their way through communities where their crusade to annihilate Christianity is neither wanted nor welcomed? Furthermore, must we be forced to accept that their patronizing destruction of Judeo-Christian traditions is good for us? Sooner or later, the ACLU and others like them may have to acknowledge that the majority of Americans adhere to the Christian faith and dont want the empty exchange they have to offer. We enjoy our faith we enjoy our God, and in spite of our many shortcomings, Scripture is clear that God enjoys us. And whether or not the ACLU approves, that is a lifestyle worth celebrating.