Italian doctors report that they have used adult stem cells to regenerate bone lost through severe gum disease in patients. Dr. Marco Baldoni and his team at the University of Milan Patients with periodontitis experience receeding gums and the destruction of gum and bone tissue. In a ten-year study, the Italian researchers found that lost bone could be regenerated using adult stem cells. Patients had some of their bone marrow adult stem cells removed and cultured on a special collagen protein support, then the cells were injected into affected bone. Within a few months, the adult stem cells had entirely regenerated the bone lost through disease. So far, the procedure has been used for seven patients, in every case successfully. According to Dr. Baldoni:

"In fact, the preliminary results indicate that the level of bone regeneration is even greater than those obtained with traditional methods."

Adult stem cells certainly give you something to chew on. Regrowth of jaw bone is just the most recent example of using adult stem cells for patients to stimulate hip bone growth and to repair non-healing bones.