The Sunday Times, a major publication of the UK, reported this weekend that the number of 11-year-olds taking contraceptive pills is soaring. According to the Times, the latest figures indicate that the number of 11- and 12-year old tweens on the pill has increased an astonishing five-fold in the past ten years.

Reasonable people will agree that something is very wrong here. It isnt normal or natural for 11 year-old girls to be sexually active. FRC reports and blogs over the last few months affirm this dangerous trend.

- In January, we wrote about the oversexualization of young girls, as indicated by the infamous director Roman Polanski explaining away his rape of a 13-year-old.

- In February, FRC reported that Planned Parenthood had a new report on sexual education. The report promotes contraceptive sex education for children as young as ten years old. Most disturbingly, the report advocates that children as young as ten be empowered to develop satisfying and pleasurable sexual lives.

- In March, FRC reported that Planned Parenthood was partnering with the Girl Scouts at the UN to promote Happy, Healthy, Hot, a guide for HIV positive teens and tweens: During a kids event at the U.N., the Girl Scouts passed out a sex brochure called Healthy, Happy, and Hot published by--you guessed it--Planned Parenthood. Full of ideas too pornographic to repeat, the guide caused plenty of controversy. It's part of a joint project to bring better sexual health to girls as young as 10.

- In May, we wrote about the problem of trafficking and prostitution of children in the United States.

- In June we learned that a group of local high school boys created a fantasy sex league, that is, a draft list not of sporting teams to bet on but of young adolescent girls with whom they aimed to sexually 'score.' The league of high school boys would gain points by successfully accomplishing any one of a variety of sexual goals. The boys hosted parties where they would prey upon their victims.

- In July, FRC Senior Fellow Peter Sprigg wrote about a Helena, Montana sexuality education curriculum that exposes children in the earliest grades to graphic sexual information.

On a more hopeful note we also reported in June about a group in Australia which has had enough of the oversexualization and exploitation of girls. In their own words, Collective Shout is for anyone concerned about the increasing "pornification of culture and the way (pornography's) messages have become entrenched in mainstream society, presenting distorted and dishonest ideas about women and girls, sexuality and relationships. Collective Shout has been successful in having offensive products removed from the marketplace. They publicly name and shame major corporations, advertisers, marketers and media selling products and services that objectify women and girls.