Over an extended period of time working with first-rate pro-life doctors I have often heard stories of the really poor medical care that women having abortions receive from abortion doctors and clinics.

A repeated story involves the abortionists who encounter life-threatening complications during an abortion and then dump their patients on a local emergency room. Typically, the ER wants nothing to do with such patients. They would like to deal with patients who are brought to them by a doctor with admitting privileges at the hospital. Often, abortionists do not have admitting privileges at a hospital and that leads to the loss of valuable time when the patient arrives for admission. Also, the ER doctors dont know the patients case history or what exactly happened. Finally, a patient in this condition is a malpractice time bomb thrown at the ER physicians.

Consequently, it was interesting that a very big deal New York Times article by Emily Bazelon unwittingly pulled back the curtain on this kind of terrible medical practice. Her very long piece in the newspapers Sunday magazine (dated July 18, 2010) is worth reading just to get a glimpse of the way the abortion industry is attempting to make itself mainstream. One reason it can do so is that very deep pockets are helping it.

According to Bazelon, millions and millions of dollars of Warren Buffets foundation money has supported abortion causes. It appears to be more like hundreds of millions of dollars. In any case, dear Warrens money paid to help finance the research and development of the pills that induce abortion that would be RU-486. And, this as well: The foundation also helped finance a lawsuit to overturn the ban on so-called partial-birth abortion in Nebraska... Well, I digress.

Bazelon spends most of the article describing the career paths of younger abortionists the foremost being, a Dr. Emily Godfrey. Here is where the story gets interesting relating to the treatment of emergencies by abortionists:

And then one snowy day in 2007, Godfrey had a patient with a serious complication who needed to go to the hospital. She called the OB-GYN who was supposed to be on call. He was out of town. She called Sunni, who told her to get the patient to the local hospital. But Godfrey had no admitting privileges there, and the doctor on call seemed unwilling to admit the patient. She said, How dare you come here, Godfrey remembered. She looked down at her salad, her face flushed.

You were really out there all alone, Sunni said.

Godfrey nodded. Yeah, I remember you said that, Godfrey said. And I was like, God, youre right. Godfrey called George Tiller, the veteran abortion provider who was later killed at his Kansas church in 2009, to ask his advice. He told her to call an ambulance and send the patient to the hospital.

Honestly, the biggest pro-life doctor couldnt make up a passage like this. The doctor who has no business performing a surgical procedure because she doesnt have a back-up plan for an emergency. The doctor who doesnt have admitting privileges at a hospital. (Later in the story, she admits, Im not an OB-GYN, and Im not a surgeon....) The doctor who calls George Tiller during the medical emergency. The doctor who gets Tillers advice to dump the patient into the hospital ER. AND, the doctor who then dumps the patient into the local ER.

Thank you, Ms. Bazelon. Thank you, Paper of Record. Before reading this story, it was always a little hard to believe the honest accounts of what goes on in the real world of abortion. Not now.