The recent announcement of Geron receiving FDA approval to inject cells derived from embryonic stem cells into newly-injured spinal cord patients received great media fanfare:

Media response for Embryonic Stem Cells

Less than a week later, TCA Cellular Therapy announced they had already enrolled the first patient into their own FDA-approved clinical trial to treat spinal cord injury, using the patient's own adult stem cells.

The media's response?

Media response for Adult Stem Cells

Years ago, there was a similar response when scientists said they had a rat that limped less after embryonic stem cell injections, while about the same time Carlos Lima published his first paper showing improvement of human spinal cord injury patients using adult stem cells (a second paper has since been published showing even more patients responding well to adult stem cells.)

Adult stem cells may not be getting the media attention, but adult stem cells are helping spinal cord injury patients now.