Two important articles have been published in the last twenty-four hours. Former FRC staffer, Michael Fragoso, has written an excellent article providing background information on the new contraceptive and RU-486-like abortifacient Ella (ulipristal). Fragosos analysis of how Ella may change the dynamic of the chemical abortion market including federal funding for it -- appears on the website of Princeton Universitys Witherspoon Institute. Go here.

Second, Robert Knight, senior writer for Coral Ridge Ministries, describes the Orwellian redefinition of marriage and reality that those like Judge Vaughn Walker (Prop 8/California) are attempting to force on America. In a Washington Times op-ed, Knight observes: Creating counterfeits and then forcing them down peoples throats is straight out of George Orwells Newspeak in 1984. He then describes the varieties of compulsion that will be needed to compel the new thinking:

To enforce this direct assault on common sense and Gods building block of civilization will require all sorts of tyranny. Dissent will be crushed. Institutions will be denied funds. Firings will occur. Academics will face star chambers (that is, more star chambers). Governments at all levels will turn into battering rams against pastors, churchgoers, observant Jews and others who value truth above political correctness. In Boston and the District of Columbia, gay marriage drove Catholic Charities, the largest provider of homes for orphans, out of the adoption business. Massachusetts schools now teach kindergarteners through picture books that two men constitute a marriage. A father who objected was jailed. Orphans, kindergarteners and protective fathers, it seems, are just collateral damage to social engineers.

Judge Vaughns opinion, more than anything, is an assault upon truth and reality. If the federal courts mandate that this new reality be accepted, then as Orwell once said telling the truth will indeed become a revolutionary act.