In the following youtube clip, Dr. Donna Harrison, OBGYN and president of the American Association of Pro-life Obstetricians and Gynecologists (AAPLOG) continues her series of short videos explaining the medical perspective and science behind ella, the abortion drug approved by the FDA on August 13th, misleadingly labeled as an emergency contraceptive (EC).

In this 48 second clip, Dr. Harrison succinctly explains how ella is different than Plan B. The FDA has categorized both drugs as ECs. Until now, Plan B has been the most widely used EC in the United States. But Plan B is in a completely different class of drugs than ella and RU-486. It is believed that Plan B does not impact an already implanted baby, although it can prevent implantation. Ella, however, can work both before and after implantation.

For more information watch the clip below. We encourage you to send this clip and others in the series far and wide to the women you know. Women who deserve to know the truth about ella -- how it will work in their bodies and on their babies.