Planned Parenthood still has not released their 2008 annual report, a report typically made public every April. The annual report includes such information as income sources, i.e., the amount of federal and state grant dollars received; private donations, etc.

However, they have released a new fact sheet [PDF] which includes the number of abortions, adoption referrals, etc.

The short story is that abortions are on the rise and adoption referrals are on the decline. The number of abortions in 2008 were 324,008. This is an increase from 2007 when 305,310 abortions were performed. The number of adoption referrals was 2,405 in 2008, a decline from the 4,912 adoption referrals reported for 2007.

For more information on Planned Parenthood, see the following FRC brochure: Planned Parenthood: What Every Parent, Teacher, Woman, Community Leader and Elected Official Needs to Know