Today the Department of Health and Human Services announced newly awarded grant recipients for teen pregnancy prevention programs. Although the program will replace abstinence education grants that expire today (the last day of the fiscal year), a number of anti-abstinence groups are among the major recipients. Included in that group is Planned Parenthood, which will receive $4.5 million dollars, specifically in the states of Florida and Washington. For a full list of newly awarded grantees see here.

Let's look back on some of Planned Parenthood's written materials on sex education over the last few months:

In January, Planned Parenthood published Stand and Deliver: Sex, Health and Young People in the 21st Century, which recommended that children as young as ten should have mandated comprehensive sex education. It also downplayed the role of parents and accused religious groups of deny[ing young people] the pleasurable and positive aspects of sex.

In March, Planned Parenthood released a new sex education guide for HIV-positive children, Happy, Healthy, Hot: A Young Persons Guide to Their Rights and Living with HIV. The guide reads, [T]here are lots of different ways to have sex and lots of different types of sex. There is no right or wrong way to have sex. Just have fun, explore and be yourself! Improve your sex life by getting to know your own body. Play with yourself! Talk about or act out your fantasies. Talk dirty to them. The same report advocated against national laws that HIV- positive people must reveal their status to their sex partner. Such laws, according to Planned Parenthood, violate the rights of people living with HIV... There are many reasons that people do not share their HIV status. ... They may worry that people will find out something else they have kept secret, like they are using injecting drugs, having sex outside of a marriage or having sex with people of the same gender.

The last group in the world I would want teaching young people about sexuality is Planned Parenthood. Perhaps parents in Washington and Florida will take this issue to their state health departments.

Follow this link for more information on Planned Parenthood.