Adult stem cell success treating patients has been noted as the best-kept secret in the galaxy" by Dr. Jean Peduzzi Nelson of Wayne State University. In her recent Senate testimony she described the case of Barry Goudy, who had relapsing-remitting MS. Barry had numerous relapses and medication was not helping his condition. He was treated as part of a study conducted at Northwestern Memorial Hospital in Chicago and received his own adult stem cells in 2003. His MS symptoms disappeared in 4 months, and he continues to be symptom free today.

Barry is not a single case. Results were published in 2009 in Lancet Neurology by Burt and colleagues, where they reported that they had reversed the neurological dysfunction of early-stage multiple sclerosis patients. As Dr. Burt noted:

This is the first time we have turned the tide on this disease.

These were patients who were still having relapses despite interferon beta treatment. All of the treated patients stopped the normal progressive worsening associated with MS, and a significant functional improvement was noted in these patients.

In a similar study published in 2010, University of Bristol researchers led by Dr. Neil Scolding describe the one-year follow-up of six patients who showed improvement in muscle function. Patients stabilized or improved in a disease that is characterized with progressive decline in function.

Adult stem cells--treating multiple sclerosis patients now!