Heres how an article in the Washington Post today began:

A majority of active-duty and reserve service members surveyed by the Defense Department would not object to serving and living alongside openly gay troops, according to multiple people familiar with the findings.

The surveys results are expected to be included in a Pentagon report, due to President Obama on Dec. 1 . . . .

The sources who leaked this information, or the reporter who wrote it, or both, are highly biased in favor of the pro-homosexual position on this issue. How can I tell? Because I have seen the survey, and it never asks, Would you object to serving and living alongside openly gay troops?

FRC will soon be releasing a more detailed analysis of the weaknesses of the two surveys (one of service members and one of their spouses). But ever since the surveys were announced and their contents wereagainleaked, we have been criticizing them for failing to ask the most fundamental question of allDo you believe that the current law on homosexuality in the armed forces should be repealed? Instead, the surveys (and the entire study by the Comprehensive Review Working Group) have been premised on the idea that the law will be repealed, and they seek to determine only how such a change should be implemented.

The military is a hierarchical, command-based structure. Therefore, when the Congress, the Commander-in-Chief, possibly the courts, and ones immediate superiors all say that you must serve and live alongside openly gay troops, to object is not an option. You either obey, or you leave.

On that point, the story goes on to say:

Some troops surveyed - but not a majority - objected strongly to the idea of serving with gays and said they would quit the military if the policy changed . . .

Is this how they concluded that a majority . . . would not object? Its certainly a relief that a majority would not leave, because our armed forces would be destroyed if that happened. But if even ten percent were to leave (as one earlier poll suggested), it would have a devastating impact on our military.

Check for our more detailed critique of these surveys in coming weeks.