From the "Gates of Vienna" blog -- one finds a story that has received very little attention in the United States: on Friday, October 15th, Amsterdam prosecutors asked a court to acquit Dutch politician, Geert Wilders, of the charge of incitement to hatred against Muslims. The case has tested the bounds of freedom of speech in Europe. However, according Wilders' website the case is not over:

But his trial continues: the prosecutors decision is not final. A judge will issue a ruling on November 5, and he doesnt have to follow the prosecutors recommendations. So the freedom of speech still hangs in the balance in the Netherlands, as well as in Europe and the West in general.

Stay tuned for further developments, but this is a good sign. Previously, the same prosecutors had told the court that Wilders was not guilty of insulting Muslims -- something for which had also been charged. (Apparently, the prosecutors have asked that all charges be dismissed.)