As the father of twins, this story about how twins socialize in the womb caught my eye. It is noteworthy that if unborn children can socialize --- if they are, in fact, "people," as noted in the last line of this story --- they are, in fact, persons, human beings meriting the protection of law.

From the time they were tiny, my boys have been incredibly social with one another and with others. "Never met a stranger" could have been coined about my sons. Since infancy, they also have always been highly engaged, physically and verbally, with one another.

My sons continue to socialize at the age of 12. Sometimes this involves extensive wrestling, wearing one another's clothes, invading one another's space, and merciless teasing. Which means their mother and I have to intervene and prevent such "socializing" at times. In the womb, out of the womb: Twins are twins.