Continuing our educational series on ella, the new FDA-approved "emergency contraceptive" that can also cause an abortion, today Dr. Donna Harrison, OB-GYN and president of the American Association of Pro-life Obstetricians and Gynecologists (AAPLOG) continues with a short explanation of ella's potential impact on the small number (approximately 2%) of babies that will survive despite their mother taking ella.

Dr. Harrison explains that when a pregnant woman takes ella, her placenta is altered so that the developing baby is essentially starved of necessary nutrition. The two percent of babies that do survive this trauma will likely be impacted developmentally. Dr. Harrison tells of one such baby. However, no studies have been conducted on the effect of ella on children in the womb.

Additionally, if a woman takes ella while nursing, the drug can cross into the mother's milk. This could be dangerous for children and the FDA even included a warning on the labeling information that breastfeeding women should not take ella. Yet no studies have been conducted on babies who ingest ella through their mother's breast milk.

For more information watch the clip below. Please send this information to the women in your life. Women who deserve to know the truth about ella -- how it will work in their bodies and on their babies.