The Lords commands invite obedience and fear. His actions, such as his death and resurrection, provoke awe and thankfulness. But his questions prompt our participation, inspection, and reflection. His questions draw us into the mind of God and invite us to grow as we walk with him. As we grapple with Jesuss questions, we learn what we truly believeand what we dont.

Jesus Christ is the most famous and influential historical figure that ever lived. People are fascinated by Him, as exemplified by the huge numbers who flock to movies like Passion of the Christ or the speed at which books like The Da Vinci Code fly off the shelves. More books have been written about Him than any other figure in history. A large proportion of the books penned about this man seek to ask and then answer questions about Him, from a variety of different perspectives. What did He think? Who was He, really? Another approach involves studying his commands and actions to better illuminate His character. But All That Jesus Asks, a recent book by Christianity Today editor Stan Guthrie, takes a different approach. He turns traditional frameworks on their heads and allows Jesus the opportunity to do the inquiring. Sometimes our most important beliefs are expressed through our questions, and Guthrie engagingly leads a more expansive look at Christs humanity and his mission by breaking down the themes expressed through what Jesus asks of those around him. The New Testament contains almost 300 of these questions, spanning a wide range of themes and through Guthries thorough examination of each of these questions, we gain a deeper insight into who Jesus is and what He asks of us, by understanding the themes and questions that are of most importance to him.

Sentimental and superficial pictures of Jesus, ones crudely manufactured from our own attempts to fit Him into our own framework of beliefs, require neither commitment nor conviction. Commands and Thou shalt nots are often ignored or even sneered at. But questions create dialogue and discussion, which may allow you to meet Jesus in a way you never have before. This comprehensive examination will be spiritually encouraging, but also challenging. Some of the questions raised may be unsettling, uncomfortable or feel confrontational, but they will force the reader to confront very real issues of Life and Death, Love and Hate, or Heaven and Hell and Guthrie explains why the correct answers may very well change your life.