While real treatments with adult stem cells for people continue to be overlooked as they hype pushes resources towards embryonic stem cells, animals are benefitting from adult stem cells. Previous stories have noted that numerous animals have received adult stem cell treatments.

Now two more dogs from Topeka, Kansas take center stage in the success stories.. Gunner and Sherman had their own adult stem cells injected. The results have been impressive, and their owners say it's almost like their dogs are aging backwards.

Gunner used to drag his feet when he walked from pain in his joints. His owner says, "Our fourth day after the procedure, he picked his feet up and he was prancing and later on that evening he decided to jump up on the sofa." Sherman had terrible arthritis that made it painful for him to move. About ten days after his treatment, Sherman was also much improved and moving freely.

Veterinarian Larry Snyder of University Animal Clinic, who treated the dogs, couldn't be more pleased. Snyder says:

"We've been very impressed with what these dogs are doing. Neither dog seems to be in any pain, they're moving well. It's almost like somebody turned back the hands of time."

It's about doggone time that people realized the actual success of adult stem cells for people, too.