On Tuesday, Redstate blog posted a story about Obamacare waivers. That is, temporary or not so temporary exemptions to Obamacare requirements. These have been granted to corporations and unions with the money and lawyers to know how to apply for the waivers. Their total has reached 222 and the number of unions that have obtained them now sits at 50.

When the number of waivers reaches totals of this magnitude it has to make a neutral observer wonder about the feasibility of the overall program. It also makes one wonder if these waivers will invite corruption.

Either a law is applicable generally to the public or it is not. Who is obtaining these waivers? Friends of the administration? Those organizations willing to make political contributions to the right people? That is how it would work in a corrupt country where the rule of law means little.

Clearly, this is a subject that needs to be investigated by the new Congress.