As a follow-up to my FRC blog post Wednesday on Mr. Obamas faux de-regulatory gambit, I want to make our readers aware of some interesting commentary published today that sheds more light on this topic. First, the terrific Wall Street Journal columnist, Kim Strassel, mentions Obamas deregulation effort in her column, Obamas Great Leap Rightward. She writes, Mr. Obama has a new mission this yearto make the country believe in political reincarnations. Included in these efforts is the Administrations effort announced on Tuesday:

The White House was listening and has been hustling to get ahead of the GOP message machine. Nowhere was this more obvious than in the presidents Tuesday op-ed on this editorial page announcing an executive order to restore balance to federal regulation and root out rules that hurt economic growth. It was a largely symbolic move, designed to counteract the public perception that Mr. Obama is antibusiness, and to bolster corporate Americas support.

Second, the Washington Times carried (1/21/11) an editorial (Glum and Glummer: Obama Policies Are Keeping the Economy Down) with important new information about the Obama deregulation review:

Dont count on this effort to produce positive results. Cass Sunstein, the head of the Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs, indicated there will be no new funding or manpower to help agencies conduct this lengthy and detailed review. And while bureaucrats are combing through regulations to find outdated measures to kill, they are authorized to identify gaps in regulation that need to be plugged. So for every buggy whip guideline thats taken off the books, expect 10 new nagging regulations from overzealous government minders.

Talk about taking something back with one hand that was given with another !