Accuracy in Medias interview with Melanie Phillips, the British author, known for her book, Londonistan, is tremendously thought provoking. The interviewer, Roger Aronoff, discusses her latest book, The World Turned Upside Down: The Global Battle over God, Truth, and Power, in this interview. Aronoff writes of her:

Among the issues most important to Ms. Phillips, are the breakdown of the family, the obsession with multiculturalism, the phenomenon of radical Islam coming into Britain and not being dealt with properly, and Israel, of which she is a passionate supporter.

In the interview Phillips makes this point about the driving beliefs of the Left:

The higher up the social and educational scale you go, particularly people who have been educated in universities in the last decade or two, you find that they are people who are much more likely to have a highly ideological view of the world, to be anti-America, anti-West, anti-capitalism, and to havemost importantlyno idea what truth and objectivity actually are. They disdain the whole notion of truth and objectivity, and theyre the people who are the most vicious and venomous towards Israel, a subject I care about very deeply.

Paradoxically and suicidally all these animosities leave the Western intellectual open to tolerance of Isamists. They seem motivated by something like the enemy of my enemy is my ally. Anybody who hates capitalism, the United States, and Israel cant be all bad. Consequently, Sharia law is treated with an acceptance and promotion that no Christian could ever dare to expect for his beliefs: Britain, weve given a lot of ground to sharia law. Were turning a blind eye to it. So we are tolerating, in Britain, for example, polygamy. We are giving welfare benefits to polygamous households. We are tolerating, and even tolerating, sharia courts. Now, sharia courts, they are courts which do not recognize a superior law of the land, and, consequently, we have the terrible phenomenon developing in Britain of parallel jurisdictions in which British Muslim women, who are British citizens, are effectively being forced to live under a rule of law administered informally within their communities which makes them into second-class citizens. One cannot have that.

Well, hopefully that will be prevented in the United States, but the same nihilistic forces are at work here that are working to destroy political freedom and Western values in Britain.

* * *

Phillips analysis also points to what is perhaps the most suicidal aspect of modern life in the secular West: its embrace of a demographic self-annihilation. Birth control and abortion have led to the depopulation of the advanced industrialized societies. This is no news flash. It has been known for many years to demographers. Pat Buchanan popularized these trends long ago in his 2002 book The Death of the West (see Rod Drehers short review).

There is not abating this development: for example, in 2008 Japan had more deaths than births, so said a report that countrys health ministry.

At what point does the right of a society to survive outweigh the right to privacy in American judicial parlance? Couldnt there be a compelling public interest in survival that outweighs the rights announced in Griswold v. Connecticut (contraception) or Roe v. Wade (abortion). Is the answer to merely allow immigration to the point that a society no longer recognizes itself?

The Japanese have chosen not to allow immigration and to have population aging and decline. Their beloved culture is self-destructing, but it appears better to continue to allow abortion.

Now that is a world turned upside.