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Robotic Hummingbird

by David Prentice

February 21, 2011

Researchers have developed a robotic hummingbird that is similar in size and flight maneuvering to a real hummingbird, those smallest and most graceful of birds. Termed an ornithopter” or Nano-Hummingbird, the small flying robot was developed by AeroVironment Inc. and has successfully completed flight trials. The prototype shown in the video below is capable of flying at speeds up to 11 mph, is about the weight of an AA battery, and carries a tiny video camera.

U.S. Vetoes Anti-Israeli United Nations Resolution

by Chris Gacek

February 18, 2011

In a late Friday afternoon U.N. Security Council session, the United States vetoed the resolution I discussed in an earlier post today. See the Jerusalem Post / AP story. Fourteen states voted in favor - including all other permanent members of the Security Council (U.K, France, China, Russia). Only the United States opposed the measure.

The Social Conservative Review: February 17, 2010 Edition

by Krystle Gabele

February 18, 2011

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Dear Friend,

The early Christians lived in a culture that was aggressively hostile to the sanctity and dignity of human life. In Rome, for example, the abandonment of unwanted infants — simply leaving them in the street to die — was commonplace.

Yet as theologian Michael Craven has written, it was those brave believers in Jesus who put their faith into unmistakable and very public action in rescuing unwanted little ones and the many other desperate and destitute people of ancient Rome:

The early Christians, acting in obedience to Christ, began to care for the poor, the sick, and the marginalized. So alien were their charitable acts and self-sacrificial lives that the Romans referred to them as “the third race” … They expressed their opposition to infanticide by rescuing the abandoned children of Rome and raising them as their own—an enormously self-sacrificial act at a time when resources were limited and survival was in doubt.

Are we members of that “third race?” As we defend the unborn and stand with their mothers, support families and the institution of the family, and protect the religious liberty without which all other freedoms are in jeopardy, let’s keep speaking, and doing, the truth in love (Ephesians 4:12) — within the public arena. To abandon that arena would be an act of lovelessness, something we must never do.

The early Christians were so effective that when the pagan Emperor Julian died in AD 363, his last words were a veiled tribute to the Man from Galilee , the Lord Jesus Christ: “Vicisti Galilaee ” — “You Galileans (Christians) have won!”

Let’s not forget the odds our early Christian brothers and sisters faced - persecution, famine, nakedness, danger and the sword, as Paul the Apostle wrote in Romans 8. Yet they kept on — and so must we.

After all, we know Who wins in the end.


Rob Schwarzwalder

Senior Vice President

Family Research Council

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Will the Obama Administration Betray Israel at the United Nations ??

by Chris Gacek

February 18, 2011

Jeffrey Kuhner of the Washington Times provided this information in an op-ed about possible U.S. support for a terribly anti-Israeli U.N. Security Council Resolution:

The administration recently told Arab governments Washington will support a U.N. Security Council resolution that stipulates the world body does not accept the legitimacy of continued Israeli settlement activity. The move is almost unprecedented. America has almost never publicly criticized Israel - our best friend in the Middle East and the regions only genuine Western-style democracy - at the U.N.….

I have read that the Administration has said it will support this language to block worse language. That is crazy. The United States, as a permanent member of the Security Council can veto any resolution that comes before. We do not have to agree to any document or proposal that comes before that body.

For friends of Israel seeing a possible split between the United States at this level of international law and political significance is deeply troubling.

Apparently, the United States has attempted and failed today (Friday, 2/18) to keep the Palestinians from putting forward this confrontational document. So, it appears the U.S. will have to veto or support this language. If you can please pray that our country does the right thing and continues its historic support of Israel.

Planned Parenthood Prayer Vigil

by Carrie Russell

February 17, 2011

On Valentines Day 2011 pro life advocates united across the country to pray for victims of sex trafficking. The vigil was organized as a response to the recent release of videos connecting two very dark industries: abortion and sex trafficking.

From Washington DC to Orange County, CA, people took time from work to ask God to bring hope and healing and light into the lives of the victims of this most heinous crime.

Abortion and sex-trafficking are sinister and they rob people of their inherent dignity. But God is about truth, life, light, beauty, freedom and recognizing the dignity of the human person. He is all powerful and He hears our prayers, especially where groups are united. Lets join together to continue to pray that God will bring light and healing into even these darkest of situations.

Lila Rose on Congress and Planned Parenthood

by FRC Media Office

February 17, 2011

Live Action’s Lila Rose explains in today’s Politico why Congress should defund Planned Parenthood particularly in light of her undercover investigation showing the abortion giant’s willingness to cover up child prostitution:

Americans are outraged by the abuse and an overwhelming majority has for years consistently opposed taxpayer funding of abortion. As the nations largest abortion provider, Planned Parenthood receives one-third of its budget from the federal government, i.e. the American taxpayer. Last year alone Planned Parenthood received more than $350 million in taxpayers subsidies. Since 2002, Planned Parenthood has received billions of dollars of taxpayer subsidies. In 2008-2009, Planned Parenthood performed more than 650,000 abortions and recorded profits of $63.4 million. This is outrageous given Planned Parenthood is legally organized as a “non-profit.”

Read the rest here.

Second Chance at Life for Adult Stem Cell Transplant Patient

by David Prentice

February 16, 2011

An update on the City of Hope’s 10,000th bone marrow adult stem cell transplant. The patient, now identified as 51-year-old William Fuller, was released from the hospital last week. The father of three, a small-business owner, was born in Belize and came to the U.S. in 1982. When he had his adult stem cell transplant on Jan. 13, 2011, his nurse wished him Happy Birthday, signaling the beginning of his new life.

According to Dr. Stephen J. Forman at City of Hope:

Mr. Fuller is the poster child for what we do. There are thousands of other people like him who have been helped because a donor came forward to provide lifesaving stem cells that allowed us to do a transplant and hopefully cure the disease. Every patient who gets through a transplant here is the beneficiary of a lot of laboratory work and hard thinking thats gone into trying to solve the problem how to best cure the cancer in the safest way possible.”

Dr. Forman noted many patients view their adult stem cell donors as new members of their family, and often develop lifelong relationships. They are blood relatives, he said.

Mr. Fuller credited his sister, Karen Hyde, as being instrumental in arranging bone marrow drives in California, Florida and New York with the help of Be the Match, the national marrow donor program.

Adult stem cells continue to save thousands of lives every year.

FRC Lecture Series: John Stonestreet

by Carrie Russell

February 15, 2011

Last week, FRC hosted a Family Policy Lecture: Young Evangelicals—Are They a Lost Cause in the Culture Wars, featuring John Stonestreet, Executive Director of Summit Ministries. You can watch the lecture here. After the lecture, we had a chance to interview Mr. Stonestreet for more insight on the next generation of evangelicals.

FRC Lecture Series: Os Guinness

by Carrie Russell

February 10, 2011

Last month, FRC hosted a Family Policy Lecture: Can Freedom Last Forever? The Founders’ Forgotten Question and Where the U.S. is Today, featuring Os Guinness. You can watch the lecture here. After the lecture, we interviewed Dr. Guinness about freedom and where our country is headed in the future.

Young Evangelicals: Are They a Lost Cause in the Culture Wars?

by Krystle Gabele

February 10, 2011

If you missed today’s Family Policy Lecture, then you missed a great speaker. John Stonestreet, Executive Director, of Summit Ministries discussed the perceived divide between the older generation and new generation of evangelicals and provided ideas on how to unite them on meaningful causes.

You can watch the lecture by clicking on the player below.

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