Today at Time's Healthand blog Bonnie Rochman profoundly misses the mark on the crux of the PA Abortion Clinic Tragedy in her article "Philly Abortion Horrors: What Matters is How and Not When an Abortion is Done, Says Expert". In short, Rochman diagnoses the real problem in the Gosnell story as a matter of "bad technique."

Let's be clear about what Rochman is describing as an issue of technique: Gosnell delivered born-alive babies and then proceeded to slit their necks, thereby severing the spinal chord, or, in at least one case, simply slitting the throat of the newly born baby.

As awful as this "technique" sounds, the truth is that because abortion is a procedure that takes something healthy (i.e., a living baby) and very deeply inside a woman out in an unnatural way, its is ALWAYS invasive and difficult. This is in part why so many women suffer post traumatic syndrome following an abortion.

Consider the most popular abortion procedures: a D & C vacuums out baby parts with an instrument 29 times as powerful as a household vacuum. A D & E involves the doctor tearing parts of the baby and pulling them out of the woman with forceps. The abortion pill, RU486, starves a developing baby of protein it needs to survive its first ten weeks of development.

The truth is that all abortion is "bad technique" because it is violent and deeply invasive and unnatural. The Philadelphia story simply brings the dark reality of abortion into the light.