An interesting side note to the turmoil in Libya. Cloning fraud Hwang Woo-suk was among 198 South Koreans evacuated from Libya recently. What was he doing in Libya?

Hwang apparently has a $133 million contract with the Libyan government, and has been to Libya at least ten times since 2004.

Hwang told Korean news reporters that the highest authority in Libya had invited him to the country, and that he will be returning to Libya once the situation in the country calms down.

I cant say what Im working on at the moment. Its incredibly big. If you find out you may collapse out of surprise.

Hwang was indicted on charges including fraud and embezzlement over his fraudulent research claims.

Other human cloning proponents also appear to like a Mediterranean climate, such as Panayiotis Zavos (who has a clinic in Cyprus) and Stanford's Irving Weissman, who enjoys California's Mediterranean climate while pushing for cloned human embryos.