Every pro-life citizen in the country needs to share Lila Roses video with a friend. Each one teach one. (I know, I know, that was Fidel Castros literacy slogan. But in this case, it fits.) Lila Roses bold and brave video is a devastating venture in undercover journalism. She was recently awarded a Life Prize Lila Rose richly deserves it. She also deserves a Pulitzer Prize. Dont hold your breath.

This fearless young woman took on the evil enterprise of Planned ParenthoodPlanned Barrenhood Virginia Del. Bob Marshall so rightly calls it.

A strongly pro-life young mother who had served as a top aide to Majority Leader Dick Armey in the '90s recently explained to a student group why those Republican Congresses never de-funded Title X, one of the legislative cash cows for Planned Barrenhood. She said: The Republican conference thinks that Planned Parenthood is all about family planning, you know...

Lila Roses powerful expose shows that this is a criminal outfit that has nothing to do with planning families and everything to do with destroying them. The office administrator captured on film casually announces her willingness to cover up statutory rape, child prostitution, and, of course, her eagerness to serve as a conduit for Planned Barrenhoods real businessabortion.

Note the blue pantsuit the office administrator is wearing. Is that some kind of uniform?

Thirty years ago, I interviewed the head of Planned Parenthood in Washington State. I was then a graduate student researching my masters thesis about the 1970 referendum that legalized abortion the Evergreen State.

I called repeatedly to get my interview with Lee Minto, the Executive Director of Planned Parenthood. I tried to get her to meet me at a Seattle coffee shop. She kept saying no, come into my office. And she began to get suspicious.

I knew Lee Mintos office was in that hellish place where unborn children are killed. I knew if I walked in there and saw a young mother about to make a fateful choice, I would have to appeal to her for the life of her child. But then, I knew, I would be arrested, and my two-years of work on my masters thesis would be lost. I prayed.

As I arrived on that overcast, gloomy day, I noted that the Planned Parenthood facility was located in Seattles Central District, where many of Washingtons black families then lived. Lee Mintos abortion mill

was a converted super market. Didnt the folks in that community need a super market more than they needed this death tophet?

My heart pounded as I prepared to enter. Suddenly, I looked up at a nearby church steeple. A shaft of sunlight broke through the cloud cover and shone on a golden cross.

Strengthened, I went inside. No one was there except the receptionist who quickly ushered me in to Lee Mintos office. I was expecting some svelte, well-coiffed, professional. Instead, I found a blowsy woman in a blue pant suit whose seams screamed for mercy.

Her office was a mess. Papers and used coffee cups were everywhere.

A peeling poster on the wall depicted Pope Paul VIalready dead three years at this pointwith a stern visage saying: Im-a no like-a dat pill! Apparently, Lee Minto hadnt gotten the memo on ethnic stereotyping.

She proceeded to brag how she and her gang had pulled one on the voters in the referendum a decade earlier. Once, a young military wife from nearby Fort Lewis had gotten drunk at a party and got pregnant. Her husband was serving in Vietnam. Minto was proud of the fact that the law she got approved didnt use the legal term, domicile, to describe the husbands permanent home of record. In an effort to get voters to okay abortion, they had to include husbands consentif he resided with his wife.

Just like the partner in crime in Lila Roses video, Lee Minto was delighted to tell me that that military wife got her abortion because she was not residing with her husband.

She also told me how a single illegal abortionist had contributed 20% of the budget of the pro-abortion forces for the Washington State referendum.

Then, just as I was about to leave, Lee Minto turned her back on me and bent over a box of files on the floor. Like a badger, she rummaged through it to bring out a single yellowed sheet of paper.

It was a telegram from Harriett Pilpel, Planned Parenthoods top lawyer in New York, and a frequent sparring partner of Bill Buckleys on television. Hosanna! How wonderful for you and for all of us, the telegram read. Lee Minto offered it to me. I was truly tempted to take it as a trophy of my own undercover work.

Minto mooned me. A big blue moon. I almost burst out laughing. Aleksander Solzhenitsyn famously wrote that he didnt want revenge on those who killed millions in the Gulag. He only wanted to see them thrown in that slave labor system for one dayand to see their big fat bottoms as they tried to hide under their camp cots.

God had granted me Solzhenitsyns revenge. That image is with me now as I see Lila Roses blue pant-suited perp happily indicting herself on film, captured forever as the crooked, sleazy operator she is. And Lee Minto was.

Hosanna! It means God save us. Could Pilpel and Minto really believe God would save them in their death dealing? I can look at Lila Roses heroic work and say; Hallelujah! God be praised.

To the Republicans who have been given what Marco Rubio calls a second chance, how can you tax us for this? De-fund Planned Barrenhood!