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Dear Friend,

This week, FRC played a pivotal role in a federal judge's ruling that the Obama health care law is unconstitutional. FRC's Special Counsel and Director of our Center for Religious Liberty, Ken Klukowski, drafted an amicus brief cited by Federal Judge Roger Vinson in his ruling. The Judge said he relied "heavily" on Klukowski's carefully-reasoned argument that the Obama measure's mandate that all Americans hold health insurance cannot be severed from the rest of the Obama plan -- and that, thus, the entire law has to be jettisoned. Read more here.

Also, Tom McClusky, FRC Action's talented Senior Vice President, has provided this valuable summary of key congressional pro-life legislation. As the new Congress moves forward, urge your elected representatives here in Washington to support these important measures.


Rob Schwarzwalder

P.S. On February 6, America will celebrate the 100th birthday of one of her greatest sons -- Ronald Reagan. To read President Reagan's speech to the National Association of Evangelicals about the moral foundations of his historic fight against Communism, click here. Also, visit the Reagan Library site for a bracing review of the life of this remarkable, heroic American.

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FRC's friends at the Independent Institute have developed a 'Government Cost Calculator.' Created by economist Craig Eyerman, the calculator is a bracing reminder that government is just too big and costs far too much.



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"Natural Law, Natural Rights, and American Constitutionalism" is a new project by scholars associated with the James Madison Program in American Ideals and Institutions at Princeton University." Dr. Robert George, an FRC Board member, directs the Madison Program. This important new Web site provides important information about the philosophical foundation of the American Founding -- a foundation as important today as it was at America's beginning. Learn more about this new initiative by clicking here.

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