This week there have been a number of media outlets reporting on a link between taking over-the-counter contraceptives (Plan B) and an increased risk for heart disease. The bottom line is that too much estrogen in a woman's body is harmful for her heart. In particular, young women and girls are reportedly suffering from these heart problems.

Here are quotes from one such story out of India:

"A vascular disease called deep vein thrombosis (DVT) is on the rise and doctors say it has a lot to do with the increase in sales of over-the-counter contraceptive pills."

Any amount of estrogen that is not required by the female body is harmful for her. The pills tend to increase the hormone level, resulting in pain and swelling caused by blood clot formation in the veins, explained Nutan Agrawal, professor of gynaecology at the All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS). "

The reason that the problem of DVT and contraceptives is serious is that we are seeing a lot of young girls in their 20s coming up with cases of the disease, points out Parakh, who said he gets over 15 cases of DVT in a month.

"Agrawal cautioned on how over-the-counter contraceptive drugs have dominated birth control measures for the teen population: Because of the availability of drugs with retailers, these contraceptives have become the quick fix to abortions in a very short span of time. There is certainly a need for awareness among young girls about sexual health.

Sadly, Teva Pharmaceuticals recently began the FDA process to make Plan B available OTC for girls of any age; currently it is OTC for those 17 and older. Especially with this new information about the link between Plan B and heart disease, I can't help but wonder if once again young women's health is being sacrificed on the altar of a liberal, pro-abortion agenda.