NROs Kathryn Jean Lopez tweeted late on April 8 after Democrats and Republicans had reached a budget deal to avert a government shutdown, that the Planned Parenthood education campaign has only just begun. Last week, Planned Parenthoods calculated propaganda campaign painted this abortion giant as a womens health organization. This is hardly the case.

As Congressman Mike Pence said in an interview with ABCs This Week over the weekend, [Planned Parenthood] tried to make [my amendment] about womens health. It wasnt about that. Let me share with you this fact: Planned Parenthoods clinics focus mainly on abortion. He then gave the facts: In 2009, Planned Parenthood made 977 adoption referrals, had 7,021 pre-natal clients, and performed 332,278 abortions.

Planned Parenthood put out a press release yesterday about the interview. Planned Parenthood Federation of America President Cecile Richards said, Having failed for now to eliminate breast exams, cancer screenings and birth control that millions of American women count on, Representative Mike Pence continues his misleading and outrageous attacks on Planned Parenthood and the preventive health care our doctors and nurses provide.

But this assertion is ridiculous. As a report from the Chiaroscuro Foundation notes, women in the U.S. have options for seeking care for cancer screenings outside of Planned Parenthood, regardless of their economic status. Ending Planned Parenthoods funding would not have affected anyones ability to get a cancer screening.

Further, Congressman Pences amendment did not cut Title X funding. It simply guaranteed that Title X funds would not go to abortion giant Planned Parenthood.

While Planned Parenthood postures as a womens health organization and claims that most of their services have nothing to do with abortion, former Planned Parenthood clinic director Abby Johnson points out, An abortion is expensive. Its cost includes pay for the doctor, supporting medical staff, their health benefits packages and malpractice insurance. As clinic director, I saw how money affiliate clinics receive from several sources is combined into one pot, not set aside for specific services.

She explains: Planned Parenthoods claim that abortions make up just 3 percent of its services is also a gimmick. That number is actually closer to 12 percent, but strategically skewed by unbundling family planning services so that each patient shows anywhere from five to 20 visits per appointment (i.e., 12 packs of birth control equals 12 visits) and doing the opposite with abortion visits, bundling them together so that each appointment equals one visit. The resulting difference between family planning and abortion visits is striking.

The nail in the coffin is that while Ms. Richards includes breast cancer exams in her description of things that would be lost if Congressman Pences bill to defund Planned Parenthood passed, Planned Parenthood doesnt conduct mammograms, they only provide an exam similar to a self-exam that a woman could conduct at home. Live Action showed in a recent undercover investigation that Planned Parenthood does not provide mammograms to screen for breast cancer. So how does ending Planned Parenthoods federal money stream negatively affect women who need a mammogram?

Pro-lifers were demonized last week for promoting womens mental and physical health, and fighting for the life of the unborn. But the fact of the matter is that Planned Parenthood is lying to the American people to maintain its federal money stream during a time of serious fiscal crisis. In this cash-strapped time, cutting their funding is a moral issue we should all be able to agree on.