Indiana is one of twelve states that define marriage as between one man and one woman in their statutes, but not in their constitution. Many proponents of traditional marriage are hopeful that this will soon change as HJR 6, a constitutional marriage protection amendment, has now successfully passed both the House and Senate. Before its addition to the Indiana Constitution however, it will need to pass next years legislative body as well, and then be approved by the voters. Still, successful passage of this first step is definitely something to be celebrated by those desiring to protect a rightful definition of marriage, one of the most foundational institutions of society. Further emphasizing the sacred bonds of marriage, SB 119 defines a Covenant Marriage and provides legal grounds for male and female couples to declare their marriage a Covenant Marriage.

There are many bills this session that regulate or restrict abortion, including several bills that address its funding. House Bill 1210 covers everything from restricting abortion based on an unborn childs ability to feel pain, to requiring physicians to inform women of the potential risks involved in an abortion and requiring the physicians to have admitting privileges at a local hospital, to providing funding to health care providers who offer breast cancer screening, to details about fetal development materials which must be placed on the state departments website. It recently passed the house with a vote of 72 to 23, and is now in the Senate Committee on Health and Provider Services.

Other bills concerning abortion include:

HB 1204 - Requires an abortion doctor to have admitting privileges at a local hospital.

HB 1205 - Prohibits the state from funding abortion or entities that perform abortions.

HB 1228 and SB 488 - Ensures conscience protection for health care workers.

HB 1258 - Establishes requirements for the prescription of an abortion drug.

HB1474 - Requires abortion clinics to file terminated pregnancy forms and specifies the content of those forms.

SB 20 - Prohibits the state from entering into a contract with or making grants to Planned Parenthood and cancels any current state funding.

SB 50 - Requires a woman to view an ultrasound before obtaining an abortion.

SB 116 - Prohibits health insurance plans established under Obamacare from providing coverage of abortion.

SB 241 - Prohibits insurance coverage of elective abortion unless it is through a separate rider.

SB 328 and SB 457 - Specifies what information should be given a woman in order for her to make an informed consent to an abortion.

SB 522 - Prohibits abortion after 20 weeks based on the unborn childs capacity to feel pain.

And finally, SB 290 which makes it illegal to perform an abortion at any stage in the pregnancy except to save the life of the woman.

Also sitting in committee is a Bias Crimes bill (HB 1332) which would allow the perpetrator of a crime to receive a harsher sentence if it was determined that the victim was acted upon because of his or her gender identity or sexual orientation. These types of bills are dangerous because they seek to legalize the punishment of thoughts and motives in addition to criminal actions.

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