When I was a young political fund-raiser, I was tasked with going all around northern Minnesota speaking for the Democratic Farmer-Labor (DFL) party sustaining fund. It was an interesting and often exciting job. The lead speaker at a host of county DFL conventions was always Jim Oberstar, then the candidate for election to Congress. Mr. Oberstar would be followed by candidates for state legislature, county offices, and on down the list. It would often be midnight or later before I was introduced to speak. We all made the circuit of those colorfully named county powwows. Kandiyohi, Crow Wing, Yellow Medicine, and Chippewa counties brought out hundreds. (I confess I remember Morrison County best). It tells you something of the hardiness of those good folks in Minnesota that they actually hung around and listened.

I would invariably be politely received, even applauded. My New York accent was no bar to my being warmly welcomed by those Minnesotans. Thats why they call it Minnesota Nice. Political talk would follow into the wee hours.

And then I would get buttonholed by grassroots volunteers. Youre from the DFL state central committee, Bob. When you go back to Minneapolis, please tell them to dump this abortion stuff. We love the DFL, but we dont want them pushing abortion.

I readily agreed, since I was strongly anti-abortion. The term pro-life had not yet been invented. It would take Ronald Reagans presidential race in 1976 to bring about that happy changewhich the New York Times, the Washington Post, and the Associated Press have yet failed to notice.

The ice on Lake Superior started breaking up in June that year. Duluth and Grand Marais were finally released from its deathly grip. What will it take for the Democrats to break free from the deathly grip the abortion traffickers have on their party?

Maybe we need more heroes like State Rep. Daphne Campbell (D-Fla.) When this Haitian-born legislator from Miami dared to vote for a pro-life bill on the floor of the State House, she was viciously abused. No Tallahassee Nice for this brave lawmaker.

But she stood firm. She even quoted the Bible!

She supported a bill brought forward by majority Republicans. That bill would tighten up requirements of parental notice before a minor girl could receive an abortion. We know that well-drafted parental notice requirements alone can save hundreds of thousands of lives. The bill also limits third-trimester abortions. (Most Americans dont even know that unborn children can be killed so late in pregnancy.) Finally, the bill would require that a young woman be offered the choice to see an ultrasound image of the unborn child she is carrying.

This protective legislation was passed last year, but it was vetoed by then-Gov. Charlie Crist. He was trolling for votes among the pro-abortion ranks. It didnt work.

Pro-abortion people react violently to the idea that young women should have the choice of seeing whator whois living in the womb. One of Rep. Campbells Democratic colleagues threw papers at her, tossed her pen in the trash, and verbally abused her for supporting these eminently reasonable protections for human life. He threatened her, saying he would recruit a primary opponent to run against her. Pro-abortion people know that when young women actually see their unborn children, they very often choose life.

Planned Parenthood is desperate to prevent young women from seeing such images. They have denounced Abby Johnson, a former director of one of their abortion facilities. When Mrs. Johnson saw real-time ultra-sound of a second-trimester abortion, she quit and became pro-life. Planned Parenthood has denounced Abby Johnson and her book, Unplanned. Shes lying, they say. There were no second-trimester abortions scheduled at her facility that day, they claim.

Well, they can easily resolve this issue. If they say her reaction to the horrifying image of a young life being destroyed before her eyes was a lie, then let Planned Parenthood show us all what is involved in a second-trimester abortion. Let them show the American people what they do thousands and thousands of times a year. Let them put it on the Internet and show us all why they need billions of our tax dollars to subsidize their lethal operations.

In the meantime, let us honor brave women like Daphne Campbell and Abby Johnson.

Let us thank God we have such voices in America.