Earlier this week the American Enterprise Institute held a fascinating panel discussion titled, A Worldwide War against Baby Girls: Sex-Selective Abortion Goes Global. Speakers included Mara Hvistendahl, a writer for Science magazine, and author of recently released book on sex selection abortion, Unnatural Selection. AEI scholar and demographics expert Nicholas Eberstadt also addressed the current data on sex selection abortion as well as potential solutions to this severe demographic problem.

I recommend watching the panel discussion, however here are a few interesting points:

--- Three factors countries with a high sex-selection abortion rate have in common include:

1) birth rates have fallen

2) availability of new technology, including ultrasound, etc.

3) pervasive abortion

--- Americans (and in particular, U.S. government funds) have played a significant role in the situation as it currently stands.

--- There is a link between sex selection abortion and the population control movement.

--- The most educated classes have the most gender-related abortions.

--- Due to the preference for male children, there are approximately 160 million "missing women" in Asia. For perspective, this number is larger than the entire female population of the United States.

--- Sex-selection abortion is occurring here in the United States in Asian-American communities.

--- The only country that has recovered from such an imbalance of the sexes is S. Korea.

The full one-hour panel discussion, is viewable from AEI's website.