In 2005, Chen Guangcheng --- a blind masseur and self-taught attorney --- began to draw attention to the brutal Chinese "One Child" policy in the city of Linyi. Linyi, with a population of more than 10 million, is located in west-central China. After filing a class action lawsuit against Linyi officials complicit in the forced abortions and sterlizations of thousands of area residents, Chen was arrested by the Chinese authorities. In and out of prison since then, he is now in declining health.

Today, the respected Christian ministry ChinaAid sent out the following:

ChinaAid announced today that it is partnering with Womens Rights Without Frontiers to spearhead a campaign to free blind activist Chen Guangcheng, whose health is in serious jeopardy because of repeated beatings and malnutrition he suffers in house detention. Womens Rights Without Frontiers has released a new video demanding freedom for Chen and his family. This video was created by the China Aid Visual Studio.

Pray for Chen and contact Chinese officials to demand his release and that he and his family be provided with food and medical care. Contact the Chinese Embassy in Washington at or call Embassy officials at (202) 495-2266.