Just a quick post last week I mentioned that the foremost writer on the decline of British society is Theodore Dalrymple (pen name). Well, he has published a commentary piece, Barbarians Inside the Gates, in todays Wall Street Journal. It is very good, and I believe it is available to the public (not behind their pay firewall).

Here are a few observations that he makes:

The youth of Britain have long placed a de facto curfew on the old, who in most places would no more think of venturing forth after dark than would peasants in Bram Stokers Transylvania. Indeed, well before the riots last week, respectable persons would not venture into the centers of most British cities or towns on Friday and Saturday nights, for fearand in the certaintyof encountering drunken and aggressive youngsters. In Britain nowadays, the difference between ordinary social life and riot is only a matter of degree, not of type.

And these were among his concluding thoughts:

So several things need to be done, among them the reform and even dismantlement of the educational and social-security systems, the liberalization of the labor laws, and the much firmer repression of crime.