Over the past three nights, there have been many riots in English cities. Here is a map for riots in London alone from August 6-9. The Left is trying to spin the story that budget cuts caused people to burn buildings and steal plasma TVs. Ridiculous. Completely on point are the many articles and books by Theodore Dalrymple. For decades he has been writing about the decline of British civil society and the simultaneous rise of a vicious underclass with little or no moral consciousness.

It is also clear that the British authorities have policies in place to deal with a civilized population that no longer populates that country. A furniture business started in 1867 survived the Blitz but not the Huns of 2011. Here was the caption under two photographs: Croydon: A woman leaps from a burning building in Surrey Street, after flames threaten to engulf her. People stand to catch her as she jumps to safety.

So, the police will need to use greater levels of force to maintain peace. Rubber bullets are being threatened tonight. Maybe.

Laws without moral inhibitions supporting them usually prove ineffective. This is what we have seen in London the past few days. Is it possible that the social conservatives are on to something? Mike Judge of the U.K.s Christian Institute had these comments about the riots.

Pray for a peaceful night in the United Kingdom.