Greg Pollowitz over at National Review Online has a brief post about a disturbing article at Wired; Pollowitz titles his post "Josef Mengele Now Writing for Wired Magazine?" Before you condemn that as harsh, check out the article mentioned, titled "Seven Creepy Experiments That Could Teach Us So Much (If They Werent So Wrong)" and decide for yourself if these proposals are creepy, or even if you consider them wrong. Perhaps what is really creepy, as well as sad, is that some supposedly serious scientists don't really consider these or other equally disturbing proposals unethical or creepy, but simply "interesting science", even worth pursuing for the greater good, or holding great potential for scientific or medical breakthroughs and cures (the most common justification). The question really is, what makes these proposed experiments so wrong? Is it because these are experiments on human beings, that manipulate humans? Is any human life valuable, are all humans valuable? Worth pondering in terms of what we deem wrong or unethical.