According to an AP story by Tom Coyne,Indianas new educational reform law appears to be producing good effects in only its first year:

Weeks after Indiana began the nation's broadest school voucher program, thousands of students have transferred from public to private schools, causing a spike in enrollment at some Catholic institutions that were only recently on the brink of closing for lack of pupils.

In this, the first year under the new law, more than 3,200 students are receiving vouchers to attend private schools.

The article gives some interesting facts about Our Lady of Hungary Catholic School in South Bend. It was being considered for closure, but is now being revived as some parents flee the local public schools and the schools enrollment swells.

Of course, the unions and the religionphobes are apoplectic. Hopefully, as the program expands in future years, as set forth in the statute, Indiana voters and the rest of the nation will understand why voting by exiting a bad school is much more potent than voting in a school board election in which there is really only one choice.