New Yorks 9th Congressional District this week elected a conservative Republican to fill the seat of the disgraced Anthony Weiner. The winner of the special election will be the first from his party to represent a district that also sent the late Geraldine Ferraro and current U.S. Senator Chuck Schumer to Congress.

When the insiders acknowledge the role the marriage issue played in this race, its gratifying. Its even nicer when they recognize FRC Action for the part it played.

The Democratic nominee had, as a State Assemblyman, voted to give legal recognition to same-sex couples. But thats not usually how the media describes it. Instead, the winner of the special election will be described as anti-gay marriage.

How did we, the I Do people, become I Donts?

Marriage has been recognized as the union of one man and one woman in this country, and in most countries, for centuries. The U.S. Census has so recognized it since Thomas Jefferson directed the first census in 1790. The Republican Party wrote its first platform in 1856. We all know the Republicans took a strong stance against the extension of slavery. But how many of us know the Republicans also opposed polygamy? Slavery and polygamy are the twin relics of barbarism, the Republicans said forthrightly, from its beginning.

Were also routinely described as the anti-abortion rights people. We dont agree that so great a wrong could ever be a right. Hillary Clinton once agreed with us. She told Newsweek (October 31, 1994) that abortion is wrong. That was then. Before that time and since that time, she has gone into every nation, even unto the ends of the earth, pressing for abortion as a right.

Again, we ask this question: Doesnt everyone deserve a birth day?

We say yes. They say no. But somehow we are the antis.

Public relations experts will tell you it is better to be pro- than anti-. Thats why Ronald Reagan, described in the 1960s as a former General Electric pitchman, understood the power of pro-life, not anti-abortion. He was the first political candidate to describe himself as pro-life. Even today, the Washington Postwhen they cannot avoid itputs pro-life in scare quotes. As they never do with Hamas, al Qaeda, or Hezbollah.

When they call us the Taliban wing, they dont even put Taliban in scare quotes. Pretty scary.

Several years ago, at a large Washington gathering I attended with the Prime Minister of Israel, a well-dressed gentleman stood to ask a question:

Mr. Prime Minister. I run a large public relations firm here. I give as much as I can to support Israel. But I have to say, it would be so much better if you could sometimes put Israels position in more positive terms. Its an advantage in selling anything. The media is forever portraying you in negative terms. Youre always the NO man.

Menachem Begin looked thoughtfully at the questioner. He did not seem irritated, and answered with Old World courtliness.

Mr. Public Relations. I thank you for coming. I am grateful for your support of the Jewish state and for this question. I will ask my ministers what we can do about putting Israels case to the world in more positive terms, as you suggest.

But you will grant me this: In our part of the world, there are certain great precedents for

Thou Shalt Not.

Should marriage survive? YES! Does this child deserve a birth day? YES!

Next question.