Forbes magazine has issued its listing of the best colleges in America. Some of the magazine's data were compiled by the "Rate My Professors" website. Of interest to FRC Blog readers is the following: of the 25 colleges with the best professors, 10 are either overtly Christian or affiliated with a Christian denomination (the distinction being that some religiously-oriented colleges have a more faith-integrated mission and curriculum than others). Two others are military academies (West Point, Air Force) with strong pro-faith traditions.

Of further note is that "(n)one of the Ivy league schools ... crack the list of the top 25 schools with the best professors. Princeton came the closest at 57th best. According to the teacher quality rankings, Cornell fared the worst among the Ivies it came in 445th out of 650 schools.

Does this mean that those who teach in faith-based institutions of higher education are more caring, more diligent, or more competent than those who teach at in state or otherwise secular institutions? Not necessarily. But perhaps faith-friendliness encourages the kind of personal interest and focused teaching that is so often lacking in larger and/or secular schools.

"A thorough knowledge of the Bible is worth more than a college education," said Theodore Roosevelt, a Harvard grad. When the Bible and university training are combined, students benefit greatly.