Can reflection, meditation, and "moral leisure" survive the Twitter age? Our contemporary American connectedness and busy-ness certainly make it harder to focus on timeless things like wisdom and virtue.

Some of our religious leaders are nudging our churches (i.e. institutions meant to guard and foster virtue) to catch up with the social media times. But, then, some of our most tech-savvy millennials are ditching their personal iPhones in favor of uninterrupted dinner conversations and real books.

Gerson Moreno-Riano, Ph.D. will explore these themes at the Family Research Councils upcoming 2011 Witherspoon Lecture, at 12:00 noon on October 20th. Dr. Moreno-Riano is the dean of undergraduate studies and associate professor of government at Regent University. He suggests that our misuse of time and leisure threatens both public and private morality. But Dr. Moreno-Riano also offers hopeful remedies to recover and reverse the effects of this crisis.

Click here to register for next Thursdays event. The lecture will be webcast at Light refreshments will be provided.