I confess its been awhile since I read the feisty conservative publication, Human Events.

I picked up a copy from a stack at the Capitol Hill Club yesterday and instantly remembered why I loved this journal so when I was a young conservative coming up.

There is a bright blue banner above the Masthead of Human Events that proclaims a celebration of Ronald Reagans Centennial. Well should this grassroots conservative hold high that banner. Ronald Reagan was their most famous reader in the 1950s and 1960s.

He continued reading Human Events in the White House. Theres a famous story that White House Chief of Staff James A. Baker III tried to keep Human Events out of the presidents pile of reading because this spirited journal fearlessly criticized any backsliding or and named the backsliders. (The powerful and efficient Mr. Baker was forever leading the backslider lobby.)

Picking up my copy of Human Events, I showed it to Attorney General and Mrs. Ed Meese. With a wink, I said: Sir, the statute of limitations has run out by now. Am I correct in thinking there may have been someone with Reagan who made sure the president got his weekly copy of Human Events? The ever-gracious Mr. Meese smiled as he signed a copy of his book, With Reagan.

How fully modest he is. Most Washington Bigs write their memoirs focusing on themselves and their own self-importance. Dean Acheson, the very important Secretary of State in Harry Trumans administration, set the pattern with his memoirs, Present at the Creation. Well, Acheson was there when much of the shape of the modern world was formed in those tumultuous years after World War II. Still, many of us think of something even more awe-inspiring when we see Creation with a capital C.

Ed Meese was with Reagan throughout those years. And he continues to serve the conservative cause with distinction, warmth, and good humor.

Human Events has lost none of its brio. STUPID COMES TO WALL STREET reads one headline. You wont doubt where they stand.

Editor Jason Mattera is taking Human Events into a new era. He confronted Vice President Biden last week on Capitol Hill. Jason wanted to question the outspoken v.p. about his claims that rapes and murders would increase if we didnt pass President Obamas phony jobs bill. The ever-ungracious veep rounded on Jason: Dont ____ with me!

Of course, its not just plucky Human Events reporters who think the Vice President may have stepped in it again. The Washington Posts Glenn Kessler awarded Joe B*Den four pinocchios for his outlandish claims. Kesslers Fact Checker column is a rare gem in fair and balanced journalism.

I confess I have missed most my friend John Gizzis stellar reporting. And what would we do without Gizzis weekly Hows Your Political I.Q.? John Gizzi has forgotten more about American politics than most of us will ever know. Who was the last president to carry Michigan? George H.W. Bush in 1988. Which three candidates lost the New Hampshire primary but went on to win the White House? They were Bill Clinton (1992),

George W. Bush (2000) and Barack Obama (2008). I knew those, but I missed two others. Will it be time to retire when I can get a 100 on the Gizzi political IQ test?

Does your public library carry Human Events? Chances are they carry a host of liberal publications. If they dont subscribe to Human Events, maybe they should. Liberalism is parasitic. In government it moves and breathes and has its being. Deprived of government subsidies, would it survive at all? Human Events is one way to fight back against liberal Big Government dominance. But do not, I repeat, do not Occupy the Public Library. I wouldnt want stupid to come to the stacks.