In Saturdays New York Times, Columbia professor Jeffrey D. Sachs made the rather audacious claim, that [t]he young people in Zuccotti Park and more than 1,000 cities have started America on a path to renewal. [emphasis added]

To give Sachs and the entire Occupy movement the benefit of the doubt, we might try to view the chaos, mayhem, rape, murder, and general slovenliness as unfortunate distractions from this intended renewal.

Hypothetically, Ivy League professors, Occupyers, and conservative policy makers should be able to agree on a few points: Our great country needs renewal. We can tangibly mark American renewal or decline by measuring things like high school graduation rates and childhood poverty.

But our suggested paths towards renewal differ. Sachs calls for a vast influx of spending on education and other domestic programs. Occupiers held up a myriad of signs calling for jobs, justice, education... and weed.

But the facts seem to lead us down a different patha path that values family stability, over government-funded programs. The FRCs Marriage & Religion Research Institute is poised to release its Second Annual Index of Family Belonging and Rejection, this Thursday. The Index delves into the statistical details behind the bold claim that family structure actually matters to a childs education and success.

Robert Frost once wrote about two paths in a yellow wood. Our paths towards renewal obviously diverge. At the moment, the path toward family stability is the one less traveled by. Taking it could make all the difference.

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