The Thomas More Society reports that an Illinois judge yesterday ordered the doors of the Northern Illinois Womens Center to remain shut pending a formal public hearing. The abortion center lost its license some months ago after failing public health inspections, the first inspections in 14 years.

Lawyers at the Society say the inspections uncovered numerous health and safety violations, including:

  • Gynecological cannulas (surgical instruments inserted during abortion) stained with brown substance
  • Shoes stored inside open box of surgical gloves
  • Equipment used to sterilize medical instruments failed biological testing
  • All 3 operating rooms failed to ensure a sanitary environment
  • Box of opened surgical gloves stained with a dried brown substance
  • Failure to prevent contamination of surgical equipment
  • Operating rooms not staffed with a qualified Registered Nurse as required by law
  • Abortion practitioners without hospital admitting privileges

Heres hoping it wont take 14 years to close the place for good.