Bill McGurn formerly headed the Asia bureau of The Wall Street Journal. An experienced and perceptive journalist, he is also a pro-life writer. Thats interesting, since the vast majority of his professional colleagues are pro-choice.

In his most recent column, McGurn never mentions the issue of abortion. Its not what hes writing about when he scores New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg for hizzoners feckless response to Occupy Wall Street.

What, for Heavens sake, does the trashing of Zucotti Park have to do with taking the lives of innocents in abortion? A lot. The first right we possess is the right to be free from bodily harm. The unborn child is that person with the greatest need for such protection.

Bill McGurn understands this. Its not surprising, therefore, that Mayor Bloomberg, who has been a pro-abortion militant and who led the charge to abolish marriage in New York State, fails in his first duty: the protection of the lives and property of New Yorkers through the enforcement of just laws that safeguard the rights of all.

Anyone who has visited Lower Manhattan knows the many small shops and restaurants there. Donut shops. Coffee shops. Chinese take-outs. Pizza joints. There is a densely packed world of commerce taking place there at a frenetic pace. Lunch hour on Wall Street makes the yelling and shoving on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange look tame.

For all the noise and clamor, it is a fun place to go. I am thinking of all those employees of all those little shops and of the police and sanitation workers who have to contend with the spoiled brats of Occupy Wall Street.

A decade ago. I joined a group from FRC that went to New York City. We were there to urge the UN not to kick out the Vatican delegation from the world body. Cardinal Martino, the Vatican delegate to the UN, thanked Family Research Council warmly for our supportive statements. He was most gracious to us. And he seemed especially to appreciate the fact that most of us wereas Catholics term usseparated brethren.

We werent separated that day. We were fighting together to fend off a premeditated attack by international Planned Barrenhood and by the secular Left. The group urging the expulsion of the Vatican delegation even enlisted some front groups with Catholic in their name to cover their real designs.

Apart from our meeting with the Cardinal, what stands out most in my memory was the quiet encouragement we got from UN employees. One of them said the place was Hillarys sandbox and it was about time we got there to represent normal people.

Those who work in the day-to-day operations of the UN are likely to be New Yorkers and Jerseyites, regular folks, strap hangers who have to contend with daily commutes in the Big Apple.

They are our natural allies in New York. They are the ones much more likely to be pro-life and pro-marriage. They are the ones who gave us high signs when they saw the simple message of our UN-blue buttons. The words The Family in white were all that our buttons said. Its all they had to say.