On December 27, 2011 Planned Parenthood Federation of America (PPFA) released it latest Annual Report for 2009-2010.

Here is some of the information included in the report:

  • PPFA performed a total of 329,445 abortions during this time period.
  • PPFA provided 841 adoption referrals during this same time (therefore for every adoption referral there were 391 abortions performed).
  • PPFA had a total budget of 1.0482 billion dollars.
  • PPFA had an excess of revenue over expenses of 18.5 million dollars (in other words, this billion dollar non-profit organizations profited 18.5 million during that time).
  • 46 percent of the total PPFA budget comes from tax payer dollars in the form of government funding.

I encourage you to take time to read through the report in its entirety at: http://issuu.com/actionfund/docs/ppfa_financials_2010_122711_web_vf?mode=window&viewMode=doublePage.