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This week on American Family Radio, Ohio Congresswoman Jean Schmidt discussed the recent case in Ohio, where case workers removed a 200 pound third grader from his home. Congresswoman Schmidt argued that in many cases, obesity is the result of emotional stress, and that taking the child away from his mother might actually worsen the problem.

Think about an eight-year-old child. Only knowing its mother, and the loving arms of its mother. Every morning that child runs to its mommy for a hug and a kiss, it's part of its security...In most cases, people who are obese are obese because they use food as a cover for their emotions. So now you've put him in a new setting...where there's all kinds of emotional trauma going on, and what is this child going to reach for? Or want to reach for? The cookie

Why didn't the state step in and really help her and that child? Not just marginally, but really stepped in and helped them in the home. That's where it should have occurred. All of the help should have occurred inside the home

Congresswoman Schmidt is an avid marathon runner, and works with Congress on issues including child nutrition and women's health.