Wal-Mart and P&G release their ninth Family Movie Night film on December 2 at 8 p.m. Eastern on NBC. Game of Your Life follows talented young computer programmer Zach Taylor (Titus Makin Jr.), who has just won a scholarship to attend a video game design program. But the program is exclusive, and half of the students will be eliminated in the first three months. To make it through the first semester, he and a team of fellow students Sara (Dana De La Garza), and the brilliant nerds Phillip (Nathan Kress) and Donald (Adam Cagley) must design a computer game centered on choices and resolution. But when Zach learns that his father is in financial trouble, he has his own choice to make: whether to accept a side consulting job that will take his time away from his project and could hurt his teammates chances of staying in the program.

Game of Your Life features strong acting from Makin and his team. The story is goofy but entertaining, and sure to appeal to the inner gamer in all of us. Parents who want a family-friendly movie for Friday night will also enjoy seeing Back to the Future star Lea Thompson as motherly teacher Abbie.