ProLifeCon is only three days away. Throughout this week, I have featured Ryan Bomberger, Lila Rose, Reps. Chris Smith and Vicky Hartzler. You can still register for ProLifeCon, and join other pro-life online activists throughout the country to hear our amazing lineup of speakers.

We are fortunate to have Michael Clancy, photographer of the famous Hand of Hope picture, and the baby featured in that photo, Samuel Armas, who is now twelve years old, and his mother, Julie Armas. The Hand of Hope picture was captured in 1999, during a spina bifida corrective surgical procedure. Samuel Armas was only 21 weeks in utero during that picture. While Clancy was documenting this surgery for a USA Today feature, he had the opportunity to capture Samuel Armas reach his hand out into the world from the womb. It is a powerful picture that has stirred emotion all over the world.

Clancy is the author of Hand of Hope: The Story Behind the Picture, which will be available for purchase and signing at ProLifeCon.