So, Barack Obama urged the men of America - he called them "gentlemen," specifically - to "go big" on Valentine's Day. He said he speaks from experience that it is unwise to forget.

Good counsel. Yet why did this man whose views on marriage are "evolving" (read that, becoming ever more sympathetic to homosexual unions) not include "ladies" in his exhortation?

Perhaps because it is only normal for a man to think of traditional marriage when he talks about Valentine's Day. The husband and the wife, the boy and the girl: Heterosexual romance is what comes to mind when one thinks heart-shaped candy boxes or red roses sent with a private note.

As a man married for three decades, I appreciated the President's charge. Yet in it was a subtle reminder of what we all know, intuitively: Love is something to be shared by a man and a woman.

Mr. Obama's call to remember that gallantry, affection, and initiative are qualities a man should possess, and direct toward the female love of his life, likely was unintentional. Still, it was welcome.