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Dear Friends,

Despite his claim of finding a "compromise" on requiring religious organizations that offer health insurance to include contraception and abortifacients, President Obama has only superficially cost-shifted the burden of payment.

Religious leaders across the spectrum understand the threat: If Uncle Sam can mandate that they violate their consciences through an obvious fiscal sleight-of-hand, religious liberty and the free exercise of conscience experience erosion not easily repaired and all too easily exploited. Such respected scholars as Harvard's Mary Ann Glendon and Princeton's Robert George - and FRC's own Dr. Pat Fagan - have published an open letter stating, in part:

"The simple fact is that the Obama administration is compelling religious people and institutions who are employers to purchase a health insurance contract that provides abortion-inducing drugs, contraception, and sterilization. This is a grave violation of religious freedom and cannot stand. It is an insult to the intelligence of Catholics, Protestants, Eastern Orthodox Christians, Jews, Muslims, and other people of faith and conscience."

Last week, FRC President Tony Perkins hosted a distinguished panel of leaders from across the theological, educational, and political spectrum to discuss the grave implications of this threat. You can view a video of the webcast, titled "Healthcare Mandate: Violating the Separation of Church and State," here.

FRC also urges you to sign the Manhattan Declaration's "Mr. President, I Still Believe" to let Mr. Obama know that social conservatives will not accept the diaphanous and condescending coverlet of faux accommodation. Are you prepared to take action - at the least, to write, speak out, and pray - to retain our precious liberties of religion and conscience?


Rob Schwarzwalder

Senior Vice President

Family Research Council

P.S. February is the month when we celebrate Valentine's Day - which is the latest publication of FRC's Marriage and Religion Research Institute, "162 Reasons to Marry," is so timely. You can download a copy for free here.

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