Dr. Michael Brown, who spoke at FRC in January, has just published an op-ed titled "The Kids Are Not Always Alright." It is about the trauma experienced by many children who are the product of anonymous sperm donation.

This is a deeply troubling new phenomenon: one that is becoming ever more common as in-vitro technology becomes both more accessible and affordable. Yet, as Elizabeth Marquardt wrote recently in a gripping article titled, "Do Mothers Matter" in The Atlantic, "surrogacy and egg donation ... are bringing into the world a class of children beset by confusion, depression, and loss."

Children need a mom and a dad, not just two people, regardless of gender. Men and women are inherently complementary - that's why God made two genders, and entrusted children to a representative of each.

Of course, marriage itself is in trouble only 46 percent of young people reach the age of 17 with both their biological parents married (since before or around the time of their birth). Next week, FRC will host Freddie Scott II, founder and president of "Unlock the Champion," an organization dedicated to "empowering families and the teaching of fundamental life skills essential to character development for people who are raised in broken homes." His presentation will be based on his book, The Dad I Wish I Had and will be held at noon on Thursday, March 8 at FRC headquarters in Washington, DC. It can also be viewed live online. Register now by clicking here.

FRCs Marriage and Religion Research Institute recently issued a synthesis research paper entitled, 162 Reasons to Marry. Especially in light of the pain experienced by so many of todays children, it makes for encouraging reading.