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Dear Friends,

Vanderbilt University scholar Dr. Carol Swain, in her recent book Be the People, reminds us that, "People across the globe are still willing to risk their lives to live on American soil. The vast numbers of foreign citizens wishing to enter the United States, whether legally or illegally, tells us we are an exceptional nation."

As usual, Dr. Swain is right: There is no country like ours, for which we should be deeply grateful - and ever vigilant. Family Research Council exists to strengthen families, protect the unborn and their mothers, sustain religious liberty, and uphold the moral convictions that have infused our nation with hope and prosperity.

One of our top priorities is restoring fatherhood to its central role in our society. Last week, FRC was privileged to host Pastor Freddie Scott, author of The Dad I Wish I Had, as he discussed the crisis in American fatherhood, and what we can do about it. Watch Pastor Scott's gripping presentation here.

Fathers, mothers, children - all Americans - benefit when integrity is clean, respect is mutual, and virtue is exalted and practiced. "Our forebears balanced a commitment to virtue and justice with a deep awareness of the moral conflict that lies at the heart of humanity," writes Dr. Swain. "In doing so, they forged a nation unlike any other - with a deep sense of reverence for the human spirit, yet deferential to the God who weighs the affairs of men."

Will we, in our time, return to that vision? Let's keep advancing it and not lose heart. America - and the culture we bequeath to our children - is well worth the effort.


Rob Schwarzwalder

Senior Vice President

Family Research Council

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