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Dear Friends,

South Dakota is big. A vast expanse of prairies and farmland, it is known for the Black Hills, the Badlands, and the Corn Palace in Mitchell.

But recently the home of Mt. Rushmore earned notoriety for another achievement: It became the 15th state to enact legislation not to include abortion in its federally-mandated insurance plans.

There is more good news from the states: In Wisconsin, Gov. Scott Walker has signed a measure prohibiting abortion coverage in the state exchange of health plans and also an informed consent/non-coercion abortion bill. He also signed a bill that "requires teachers in schools that offer sex education to stress abstinence as the only sure way to prevent pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases."

And in my home state of Washington, a measure that would have required "all individuals to purchase and all businesses sell abortion insurance coverage on a maternity plan" has died an unlamented legislative death.

Those who believe in a culture where the rights to life and conscience are honored can take heart from these victories. They are not comprehensive and, like everything else in politics, are battles that probably will have to be re-fought in coming years. But they show two things: (1) Incremental wins are important - they make a difference in the lives of many - and (2) elections matter.

I would urge those who argue that that voting at election time is inconsequential and that all politicians are alike to reflect on these things.

Your vote counts. So do your prayers. Let's not lose heart, but keep moving forward.


Rob Schwarzwalder

Senior Vice-President

Family Research Council

P.S. Today FRC President Tony Perkins talked with Rick Santorum in the Senator's first interview after withdrawing from the presidential race earlier this week. Click here to listen to the conversation.

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